Sequence equal

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Observable.sequence_equal(second, comparer=None)

Determines whether two sequences are equal by comparing the elements pairwise using a specified equality comparer.

1 - res = source.sequence_equal([1,2,3]) 2 - res = source.sequence_equal([{ “value”: 42 }], lambda x, y: x.value == y.value) 3 - res = source.sequence_equal(Observable.return_value(42)) 4 - res = source.sequence_equal(Observable.return_value({ “value”: 42 }), lambda x, y: x.value == y.value)

second – Second observable sequence or array to compare. comparer – [Optional] Comparer used to compare elements of both sequences.

Returns an observable sequence that contains a single element which indicates whether both sequences are of equal length and their corresponding elements are equal according to the specified equality comparer.